Please don’t leave negative messages on the map to Bangtan. Even messages that you think are harmless could be misunderstood. Don’t send messages like “I hate you” or “you suck” or “go away” to them because even if you mean it sarcastically or out of love the boys might not understand that.

Remember that Namjoon is the only member fluent in English so when the other members read that they might not understand that it is sarcasm and may take it negatively. Please be more considerate when writing your messages (or even when tweeting). Thank you!

Multiple Markers


Some ARMYs have been adding multiple markers onto the anniversary map. Please stop doing this, all repeats will be deleted.

If you want to go back and edit your marker, you can at anytime. Just follow the instructions given on the original info post!

[!!!] We’re also looking for some map mods to help us out. Your job will be to check the map for repeated markers, and markers that go against the rules. If you’re interested please message us here or on twitter. Thank you. :—)


Our goal when we started this project was to reach at least 1000 markers. In just 3 days we have reached that goal and it is all thanks to you! Good job ARMYs!!!! Keep up the good work. ♥♥♥
Here is a link to the project.

Title: JACKPOT(잭팟)
Artist: Block B (블락비)
Good job ARMYs!


We’ve reached nearly 600 markers on the map in less than 24 hours! Good job ARMYs, Let’s keep this going!

Title: 살냄새 (Feat. 브라더수)
Artist: 매드 클라운(Mad Clown)
Album: 표독